Saturday, April 24, 2010

Amazing Suicide story. Well done and brave!

Real Live Lesbian: Suicide: Full Story


BeBold...BeFierce...BeWell said...

I happened upon this writing here. I have found some great writings here at blogspot. I am finding my way around and being shown how to be ok with having a voice here. You all have inspired me to dig in...thanks.

C said...

welcome to the blog world! i found you from real live lesbian. i am glad you aquired some comfort and strength from her suicide story... i have too. she is a strong woman. what gets me is the crime against tender people like ourselves who for whatever reason, have been shit on and made to believe lies told to us that we were never enough and never will be. we are all born perfectly made [in spirit] and then some get tainted along the way... so it's up to us to decide on how to look at the pain we have lived through... 1.) are we who we are today BECAUSE of what we have lived through.... b.) are we who we are today DESPITE what we have lived through. the choice is ours and neither is wrong. i am glad you are still here. the world needs more lesbians... lol. don't give your power to ANYONE. it's yours.